Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My badass advisor

My academic advisor, I am glad to announce, is John C Bravman.

Not only is he my advisor, he is also the dean of my dorm complex, FroSoCo (”freshman sophomore college”, in true Stanford alphabet-soup style). Almost a decade ago, a prospective student wrote him a letter, asking him some questions about Stanford and addressing him as a “badass dean”. He later referenced this letter in a speech, and inadvertently gave himself a new title.

Today, Bravman is the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education: the top-ranked suit in the undergraduate college. Whenever he walks out to address the student body in the Memorial Auditorium, my FroSoCo buddies and I chant “B-A-D… B-A-D… B-A-D…”, which stands for: “badass dean”. It has a nice ring to it, especially in the awesome acoustic environment of MemAud.

Mr. Bravman lives up to his badass name. He throws FroSoCo barbeques every Friday, hosts really interesting speakers at his house across the street on a roughly biweekly basis, and maintains a gigantic DVD collection that students can borrow from.

This is how I and four of my friends came to have Stanford’s one and only badass advisor. Once again, I can’t believe my luck.

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