Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flame wars

An old friend of mine isn't down with the Stanford Review. As he recently flamed:
Of course you know it all started with the Dartmouth Review. Those guys are just neo-con wannabes. So, isn't Anglo-Saxon free-market capitalism dead anyway?
Capitalism is dead? I'm not sold.


I don't think that Dartmouth, the proud home of Animal House, can be a values-upholding conservative flagbearer, either.

More seriously, though, I've found out that there are an incredible number of student-run periodicals here, and if I have time, I will write for one of them that isn't the Review.

My doubts about the Stanford Review were reinforced when I read their asinine article about Palin. Apparently "she can't lose". But I'm very optimistic that, as Hillary supporters used to say, "Yes She Can".

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