Thursday, July 30, 2009


...the 140-character crowd gets retweets, so why not a reblog?

This is an awesome one I found yesterday: Overcoming Bias

It's by an economist and in the style of Freakonomics, but with fewer inhibitions. In particular, Robin Hanson has no qualms applying the rational, disinterested analysis of incentives, biases, and markets to issues of gender and race. I especially like this post, which is a bit outside his usual vein. It's not your average relationship advice...

In other news, Max now has a column on The DC Writeup. He's one post in so far--and that post is coincidentally also about overcoming bias. It's an exposition of academic groupthink in climate research. (Disregard the article title; he didn't pick it, and the real one seems to be in the URL.)

Finally, there's Rick Rusczyk, of Art of Problem Solving fame, who seems to share Max's mix of topics: his writing generally falls in the triangle whose corners are math and politics and economics. He has the inside scoop on an interesting niche culture--that of high-school contest math, and the kids who participate in it. His tagline is "the Search for Intelligence Continues."

I think that search is what the blogosphere is about, too. People like these are making it easy.

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